Mickey Dollens State Representative

“After having the pleasure of getting to know Ryan Early during our time collaborating on HB2913 I was instantly able to see his extensive knowledge for not just the plant, but cannabis as a working business that all have a chance to succeed in when done with proper ethics and integrity. Early sets a good example as how standards should be set in this business; along with ensuring it happens through proper legislation.”

John Echols Oklahoma House of Representatives

“I have worked on Cannabis issues with Ryan Early for almost a decade. He is knowledgeable and trustworthy. I consider him an excellent resource when I need an expert in the industry.”

Rich Rydstrom Esq.

“After 30 years of representing small business innovators, I can spot the probable winners on a shortlist. Ryan Early is one of those winners. I can rattle off positive attributes, but the most powerful description is "Action is Eloquence" (Shakespeare). Ryan has that persuasive power through action that winners personify.”

Tony Jeary

“I have been able to witness their dedication and successful pursuit of each vertical.” In my 3 decades as a RESULTS Strategist, I have never seen a more selfless team each wanting the other to win more“ “This has the makings of being the biggest most successful group I have had the opportunity of working with.” “We are happy to be a part of this winning formula.”

Joe Arancio Strategic Advisor and investor

“I admire Ryan’s passion for the industry and commitment to help others…. Early has shown to be one of the most innovative and creative problem-solvers in an industry; to most of the world, it is brand new.”

Isaac Caviness Designation

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Za Fritts

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Juanita Sykes

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Amanda Gayle Badon

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Lorne Morris

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