Farmer Ryan™, Heir to the Oklahoma Industrial Hemp Industry

Ryan Early, also known as Farmer Ryan™,, is a serial entrepreneur and inventor for the cannabis culture starting in Oklahoma and has been on the path to uncovering the truth about hemp since he was 13 years old. Growing up, Early was taught by his mother and grandmother the power nature has in maintaining and healing our human microbiome. While most think of Cannabis as the psychoactive pastime used on “That 70’s Show”, Farmer Ryan was taught nature was medicine then became determined to know why Cannabis was being demonized.

In early 2015 Early was asked to help Oklahoma legislators with a CBD Bill… which turned into what we now know as “Katie’s Law” as well as the expanded legislation filed as HB1159, gaining access to CBD for all Oklahomans and paving the way for the founding of CanTek Labs. He saw room for improvement and continued his time at the Capitol including late nights of research and writing til finally in 2018 HB2913 passed allowing him to partner with NWOSU to fulfil his dream of researching USDA compliant hemp, its Terpene complex, soil microbiomes, environments, breeding, and developing the SOPs to suit farmers all over the world! This honored his promise of action to show the ability to have tracked, tested and trusted CBD products and allow his FDA registered lab, Can-Tek Labs to become a sought out raw ingredients or turnkey product provider.

Even more so, in 2019, after spending his first years travelling the US to educate on a Biomolecular level he felt the stigmas were evolving and it was time to use his research to better the quality of products of not only hemp farms, using his Midwest Repository of patent-pending genetics, but for food production and sustainable farming and gardening. With this, he started producing his non-toxic fungicide and pest prevention product, Blue Magic. With BiomeMax technology. It wasn’t long before Farmer Ryan was getting calls from cultivators all over America claiming his product had saved their farms!

With the stigma of Reefer Madness still lingering in the air, Early still perseveres with his multiple pharmacy and holistic medicine doctors utilizing his products and practices in their regimen and recommendations. Mastering the multiple delivery methods and highly documented products Early was proud to bring the world a solution to chemical pesticides and fungus taking over our crops with his backed and researched ecologically sustainable antifungal pesticide, Blue Magic. For more information on all Farmer Ryan can offer please visit:

Quote from Farmer Ryan:

“We are sowing the seeds of the past, to grow a brighter future for everyone.”

If It Doesn’t Say BiomeMax™, it’s Not Farmer Ryan!

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June 2023