We are pleased to announce a joint venture with Farmer Ryan and bStrong/GEM (of Bethenny Frankel fame) to ship his Pet Calming (Sat-a-Vet™) supplement for Horses, Dogs and Cats to the Ukraine War Zone.

War is hell for people and pets, alike. People have the benefit of numerous relief agencies at their disposal, but pets and livestock are often non-priorities in times of humanitarian crises.  When livestock and pets are placed in a bombing zone, they emotionally and dangerously overreact. They need help to remain calm and Farmer Ryan Early has products to relax them and add to the safety of both the animals and humans around them.

There are approximately 44 million people including 750,000 dogs and 5.5 million cats in Ukraine. Livestock such as, cows and horses number in the millions. Help us — help them — in this urgent time of need. FarmerRyan™ has been tasked to obtain bulk pet food and pet supplies. Major suppliers can join us to solve this world emergency too.

FarmerRyan™ has partnered with bStrong/GEM (of Bethenny Frankel fame) to help gain relief for the pets and livestock enduring the War in Ukraine. Early released Sat-A-Vet by Can-Tek Labs in 2018 and became a member of the NASC shortly after to ensure he could give the Nation’s beloved animals a way to use the benefits of hemp along with their owners.

Bethenny Frankel’s disaster relief organization, bStrong, is bringing $10 million worth of aid to refugees following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. “It’s a serious scary situation”, Frankel wrote alongside a selfie video about her company’s efforts on Instagram.

While the domestic goal is generally keeping pets on the path to wellness, our current goal is to send products to help pets during this international crisis and to respond to those in need in Ukraine.

“Livestock and pets need emergency transport for safety, as well as food and care. We will help save them, and we ask everyone to buy and donate such items at:,” said Early.

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June 2023