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CEO and founder of Can-Tek Labs™ and American Wholesale Hemp

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Ryan Early (who has been dubbed “Farmer Ryan™ ” for his pioneering hands-on work in cultivation and research in the hemp industry)

About Ryan


Ryan Early is the controlling owner of Blue Green Ventures, American Wholesale Hemp, Hempyre Genetics, and Can- ek Labs, and the General Contractor for the Northwestern Oklahoma State University Industrial Hemp Pilot Program.

He is also the owner of the Midwest Microbiome Repository, in charge of gathering and testing various strains of hemp and other potentially viable agricultural commodity crops. After testing hundreds of specimens, Ryan discovered the secret sesquiterpene complex that will power the future of natural farming, called BlueMagic.

For more information on CBD-A and CBG-A and Ryan’s True Full Spectrum Ruby product, please visit Americawholesale brands or store.

Growing up in Oklahoma, Farmer Ryan had the unique opportunity to study over one hundred
Indigenous Hemp plants left over from the U.S. military including self-evolving Landrace Strains with
diverse genetic adaptations. Upon collecting multiple selected varieties of Landrace cannabis and
conducting numerous tests for stress factors such as heat/cold extremes, deprivation of nutrients, high
and low humidity, root development, light cycle parameters, and sensitivity to these changes, we began
noting the different cultivars’ traits.

These Proprietary Landrace heritage hemp genetics which contains specific cannabinoids compounds and sesquiterpenes are unique due to the fact they survive and adapt in the wild in extreme conditions while being uncared for or farmed by humans. Growing, crossbreeding, and observing the expression of dominant genes, Ryan was able to make major advancements.

How it all connects

Early and his team developed ahemp oil tincture with CBD-A and CBG-A. “Utilizing both genetics, we’re producing products with proprietary ratios of CBD with CBD-A and CBG-A-rich components,” he explained. As research and findings continue to expand, Can-Tek Labs and Hempyre Genetics continue to follow the scientific trends and conduct their own research. CBD-A and CBG-A are at the forefront of everyone’s minds in terms of cell protections and possibly COVID containment or prevention, and Early is eager to discover the helpful qualities of still other lesser-known cannabinoids.

Farmer Ryan

Highlights Include

  • Can-Tek Labs™  manufactures over 70 products created with industrial hemp that fully complies with the 2018 Farm Bill. Can-Tek Labs™  created and set the standard of batch coding, rigorous 3rd party testing, and quality control on all products sourced from industrial hemp.
  • PureCannaceutical™, which introduced the PCRX™ products to medical professionals, continues to set the industry standard for pharmaceutical grade industrial hemp products.

  • Hempyre Genetics™  is an advanced hemp research and development company that has partnered with multiple universities to create the standards required by the 2018 Farm Bill for compliance in growing and processing hemp, as well as phytoremediation (using hemp as a basis for studies on remediation of the soil).

  • Government Relations – Ryan has worked with multiple state legislatures to define, develop and educate on proper hemp regulation. He has been an integral piece of the Oklahoma Hemp Pilot Program.

Private Labels

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Founded in 2018


The passing of HB2913 led to the full development of Hempyre Genetics™, paving the way for an entire program that works with registered genetics and university oversight by Northwestern Oklahoma State University, with Ryan Early, “Farmer Ryan™” as the general contractor of the advanced research program. Hempyre Genetic™ and its sister companies proudly offer and facilitate, genetics development & registration, compounding & processing & manufacturing, extracting & refinement, development of marketing, along with retail marketing and compliance. In August 2019, Ryan Early’s civic and professional accomplishments were recognized when Ryan was selected as a member of Oklahoma’s Gazettes Top 40 Under 40.

Right before Covid struck, American Wholesale Hemp™ sold its first product in the eCommerce market and lunged into the world of online retail sales. 2020 brought an entirely new set of challenges but Ryan was able to navigate through the unprecedented times and filed the first patent for Blue Magic™. This resulted in the majority of 2020 being spent researching Early’s new pride and joy. All his hard work finally paid off in April of 2021 when the patents were approved to take Blue Magic™ to market with its first sale in May of 2021. The creation of Blue Magic™ led to an endorsement from Mexico’s president Vicente Fox which paved a way for international opportunities within the hemp/agricultural space. 

Further along in 2021, Ryan’s most recent venture – Blue Green Ventures, LLC was born. Within this new company, Ryan has focused his efforts on research and development while pushing for new legislation to expand the laws allowing research on psilocybin for mental health and PTSD.  Early has also opened the Midwest Microbiome Genomics Repository™ – a cutting edge genetics bank. This has led to the filing of HB3414 with the State of Oklahoma which is now awaiting approval.