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Heir to the Oklahoma Industrial Hemp Industry Introduces Hemp 2.0 to Transform the Future of Sustainable Farming, Food Production and Wellness for Potentially Billions of People Worldwide.


We are pleased to announce a Joint Venture with FarmerRyan and bStrong (GEM; Bethenny Frankel) to ship Farmer Ryan’s Pet Calm (Sat-a-Vet) supplement for Horses, Dogs and Cats in the Ukraine War Zone

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Ryan Early is the controlling owner of Blue Green Ventures, American Wholesale Hemp, Hempyre
Genetics, and Can-Tek Labs, and the General Contractor for the Northwestern Oklahoma State
University Industrial Hemp Pilot Program. He is also the owner of the Midwest Microbiome Repository,
in charge of gathering and testing various strains of hemp and other potentially viable agricultural
commodity crops. After testing hundreds of specimens, Ryan discovered the secret sesquiterpene
complex that will power the future of natural farming, called BlueMagic.
For more information on CBD-A and CBG-A and Ryan’s True Full Spectrum Ruby product, please visit Americawholesale brands or store.


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